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Your Brain is Persistent

Intellectual Operating Law Seven
by Dr. Steven Cangiano


Ask and you shall receive. Everything you have asked for, are asking for, and will ask for, are available to you now. This may sound like new-age psychobabble, but the truth is that your brain is persistent and will push through ten eternities to bring you what you deeply desire (metaphorically speaking). Your mind does not know defeat or compromise, and it does not surrender. You have learned many amazing truths about how your brain works; none of them are worthwhile if it is not persistent. 

 Do you ever feel like giving up? If the answer is yes, how can your mind truly be persistent? The answer is a difficult one. Our universe is forever expanding at an increasing rate. The amount of knowledge is growing exponentially. The ability to process information doubles every 24 months (Moore’s Law). Humanity has transformed the planet in a relative split second. The overall movement of life is a persistent drive toward expansion, your persistent mind is an integral part of this expansion 

 Always remember that your brain is persistent and that you are on a journey of expansion. Your contribution to life, regardless of how small, is important. When you were an infant you never gave up, you loved falling because it brought you one step closer to walking. Children are persistent when learning to talk, and once they figure it out, they never stop. You are instinctively persistent: You will do anything to naturally fulfill desires, like sleeping and eating.  

 To remain persistent throughout your life, you must be aware of, and resist, the mental and emotional gravity that surrounds you. The “prevailing cultural myth” and negativity bias can make you believe that your challenges are pervasive and permanent. If you believe that, then you learn to live the remainder of your life in a narrow range of tolerable conflict. Conflict consumes all our creative energy. 

 The creative process will help you bypass conflicts. As you begin to flex your creative muscles, it will become easier and easier to move forward. You must go to the gym to resist physical gravity. You must focus on an expanding life to resist mental and emotional gravity. Your brain is persistent, and The Law of Accelerating Expansion is your guide. You can create the life you have imagined. You will experience energetic health, abundant finances, and fulfilling relationships with accelerating expansion at the helm. 

 The human brain is persistent and is an amazing apparatus. Despite all we have learned about it, there are still many unanswered questions. Are your thoughts a consequence of physics, chemistry and biology? Are they a series of electrochemical chain reactions? Or, is consciousness a fundamental part of the fabric of the universe? While no one has a plausible answer for what consciousness is, there are a handful of credible scientists working on the hypothesis that consciousness is fundamental.  

Does consciousness survive death? This would answer some important philosophical questions like the purpose of human suffering, for instance. If you had multiple lifetimes to create and recreate yourself, you would want to experience everything life has to offer. Most neuroscientists would scoff at the suggestion that consciousness survives death. There is, however, a very credible group of scientists exploring this possibility at the University of Virginia Medical School, in the Division of Perceptual Studies. They have done some eye-opening research on the postmortem survival of consciousness.  

In the ultimate analysis, there is so much we just don’t know! The great law of physics, entropy, tells us that closed systems always become more disorderly. In any given situation or circumstance, there are many more ways for things to go wrong (disorderly) than right (orderly). Our minds tend to project disorder rather than order into most situations. Psychologically, this translates to what is called negativity bias. How then, is humanity experiencing such rapidly rising complexity, increasing order, and accelerating expansion? The rapid progress of humanity seems to be totally contrary to entropy. 

Earth is not a closed system, yet our existence and our rapid progress depend upon a narrow set of highly improbable, very ordered circumstances. We exist on a razor’s edge of physical law, environmental conditions, and societal probabilities. There are two very poorly understood forces driving the expansion of the universe: dark energy and dark matter. It is likely that we are bathed in these substances, and that they make up 95% of our physical universe. These cosmic forces were discovered less than 25 years ago. It is pure speculation that these forces play a personal role in our day to day expanding lives. It is conjecture to think that these energies have an influence on our rising complexity. There is much we do not know about the cosmos, the origins of life and human consciousness. It may be naive, however, to think they have no effect at all.  

Knowledge and proper application of the seven intellectual and seven physical operating laws will transform your life. 

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