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Your Brain is Driven to Succeed

Intellectual Operating Law Two
by Dr. Steven Cangiano

Your Brain is Driven to Succeed

You are a perfectly designed success machine. This is not “new age” psychobabble. Your brain is naturally and automatically success-driven. You continuously and flawlessly create and recreate your circumstances through the predominant images in your mind. Your current reality is an exact printout of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Your brain always strives to maintain equilibrium around these preset images. Therefore, the constellation of your current circumstances is the perfect feedback mechanism to identify these images. James Allen said it best in As a Man Thinketh: “Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him to himself.” Your circumstances tell you everything you need to know about who you are, the preset images in your mind and how to move your life forward. 

The understanding of this law will transform your entire perspective on life. The first awareness is that everyone you meet is also the perfect creator of their life and are probably creating their life unconsciously. If so they are attracting things they don’t want. They are, however, seamlessly replicating the images preprogrammed in their minds. Many spiritual and religious disciplines teach that everyone is a child of God, the perfect expression of a divine universe. Now you understand the intellectual basis of these beliefs. 

 Circumstances are relevant. You did not choose your parents, the country you were born in or the financial situation you inherited. Luck plays an important role in the opportunities you are afforded. As you read this article, know that you are probably more fortunate than 90% of the people on this planet, though you may not feel that way. The operating laws give you the realization that there is no fixed reality about you. You can use the power of your brain to transcend the preset images in your mind and alter your circumstances.  

 The second awareness comes from your understanding of accelerating expansion. This knowledge creates a completely new awareness of who you are and your place in the universe. The river cannot rise above its source. Many of the images programmed in the human mind are based in the “prevailing cultural myth,” negativity bias, and “what’s wrong” questions. Religious conditioning can compound these concepts with antiquated and apocryphal beliefs in a vengeful God, mortal sin, and eternal punishment. As our world continues to accelerate and the amount of knowledge explodes, our concepts about life and our beliefs about ourselves must evolve and become flexible. The images in our mind must serve us rather than keep us stuck in our current reality. A success-driven brain thrives on accurate information; the information that moves you, your life, and our planet forward. 

 The realization that you possess a success-driven brain is fantastic news! With your new awareness of The Law of Accelerating ExpansionTM, and a knowledge of the creative process, you can transform your life. You will create your life with a new, accurate and higher level of understanding. The creative process will allow you to do this in a predictable manner. As you transform the images in your mind, the new and consciously created images will direct your path. The creative process will enable you to discard the old concepts and beliefs that no longer serve you. You will create and recreate yourself until you have successfully created the life you have imagined. 

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