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The Human Brain Synergizes Information – The Introduction

Intellectual Operating Law One
by Dr. Steven Cangiano

the human brain Synergizes Information

The human brain is the greatest creative apparatus in the universe. When focused on a worthy ideal, it creates wonders. When left to its own devices, it typically creates suffering and despair. If you want to run your brain properly and predictably direct your thoughts, you need to know the rules. Those rules are called the seven intellectual operating laws. We will study these laws in the context of the governing law; The Law of Accelerating Expansion. We will also explore how the understanding and application of these laws can easily and quickly help you attain any new vision.  

 Let’s begin with a brief overview of thinking

 The study of thought is difficult to do scientifically. With most scientific studies, we can isolate the object we are studying. This is not the case with thought; it is a ubiquitous, living, growing, evolving thing that cannot be distilled into a bottle, dissected in a laboratory or looked at under a microscope. With new techniques in neuroimaging, we have a better idea of how the brain operates, but the study of thought is still elusive. There is only one way to study thought, and that is to observe it. Einstein gets to the heart of the issue when he says, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” The conundrum is obvious; we are forced to study our problems with the cause of our problems! 

 With the standard scientific method, we use tools. You use a microscope to study bacteria, a telescope to study the stars, and the large hadron collider to study subatomic particles. On the contrary, the only way to study thought is with thought. Observing thoughts changes them. Therefore, your thoughts are a moving target that are at least as smart as you are. Is there a solution? Can we achieve a higher level of thinking? The answer is yes, and the solution is simple. You must learn the rules and take charge of your brain. Tony Dottino, in his book Grass Roots Leaders: The BrainSmart Revolution in Business, applies the seven intellectual operating laws to business leaders and their organizations. It is just as important to be “BrainSmart” in our day-to-day lives. 

Being “BrainSmart in the age of transformation is more important than ever for two main reasons. The amount of knowledge is growing exponentially, doubling every 12-13 months. We must be able to assimilate high-quality information quickly just to keep up. With rapid change, we also need flexible brains that can adapt to new and evolving realities. As we have discussed, we are living in an exponentially expanding world. Accelerating expansion is touching every aspect of our lives. Being “BrainSmart will facilitate your expansion and happiness in the age of transformation. Learning the seven intellectual operating laws will accelerate your achievement of any goal. 

Synergy is driving the accelerating expansion of our world. Your brain synergizes and innovates using the information that surrounds you every second of the day. Understanding synergy will help you harness your brain’s resources to achieve your vision and thrive in the age of transformation.  

 There has never been a time in history when you have been bombarded with more information more quickly. It is essential that you use this information wisely as you move toward a worthy ideal. New challenges create endless new directions of thought. Your mind explores as many options as necessary to help you find a solution. Many of those options will be used later to solve different problems. Your brain is an endless innovator, cross-referencing, expanding and synergizing all you have learned. 

During your lifetime, your brain accumulates trillions of bits of information through millions of experiences. You filter these experiences through your thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings have guided your actions to create the person you are now, your current reality. When you are faced with a new challenge, or you proactively create a challenge in the form of a compelling vision, your brain becomes stimulated. Your mind processes those trillions of pieces of information in a split second looking for solutions. This amazing processor gives you an answer in the form of a feeling. Some people call this process intuition.  This is the Law of Accelerating Expansion in action.

 Guidelines regarding these feelings are helpful. If the feeling gives you a sense of certainty, if it is for the greater good or results in an expanded version of you, act on it. If it includes fear, concern, or it limits you, wait. Fear or concern is an indication that there is something for you to learn. The Law of Accelerating Expansion™ will always move you forward. It will be your highest thought, your greatest happiness, and it will promote your grandest vision.  

 The major decisions of life should never be filled with fear

For instance, if you are asking, “Should I marry this person or not?” The question indicates the presence of fear, doubt or concern. If there is any doubt, wait. Life-altering decisions like this should be choiceless. If there is choice, then there is conflict. The fear or indecision is trying to teach you something. Wait, listen, and learn.  

Synergy will also help you when you are trying to solve problems in a group or organization. I have witnessed many mastermind sessions that synergize not just one mind, but many, to solve a challenge or move a vision forward.  

Synergy is the great innovator of life. When people work across different disciplines and industries, they can often create new and unique products to solve difficult problems. The law of synergy is further evidence of accelerating expansion. The accumulation of knowledge is the hallmark of humanity. As knowledge continues to expand, so does the number of innovators and the amount of innovation. Synergy is fueling accelerating expansion. You are on a journey of expansion, and synergy will deliver you to your destination. 

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