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The Law of Transmutation of Energy – Law Seven

The Operating Laws of Life
by Dr. Steven Cangiano

The Law of Transmutation of Energy - Law Seven

It is amazing to me how often I miss obvious things in life. Growing up, I enjoyed the sitcom Get Smart. The protagonist’s name was Maxwell Smart, secret agent for Control. Agent Smart was locked in a never-ending battle with Chaos (this was the sixties). He was a bumbling ignoramus who always managed to solve the crime and get the girl, the svelte agent 99. Thirty years later, I deduced the double entendre; get smart and Get Smart. I often wonder how many other things just went right over my head.

In my premed advanced physics classes, we discussed the importance of Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2 which has entered our everyday lexicon. I recently comprehended its full gravity (no pun intended). It basically says that energy and mass are equivalent. You can transmute energy into something solid and then turn that solid back into energy. This is an amazing truth and is at the core of your existence.

The law of transmutation of energy drives the great story of life. It is the mechanism behind what we call progress. This law is also the first law of thermodynamics and states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. Energy and matter are interchangeable states.

With the law of gestation, we learned that matter is defined as energy and information in a pattern. Everything you covet in this world was once an idea, energy and information, that was transmuted into a physical reality, i.e. matter. Your home, car, cell phone, tablet, computer, the internet and the company you started or work for, were first an idea. The most important part of your life, relationships, were first an idea in your mind.

Your thoughts are energy and information in a pattern. For you to transmute these thoughts into a physical reality, you must add more energy and more information. This is the first step in the process of creation. As you add words, pictures, and emotions to your new ideas, they become detailed and more anchored in physical reality. You begin to act. When the vision is clear, your actions will be massive and focused. The other laws will work in your favor. You will notice and attract all the things that are consistent with your goals. The law of polarity will expose the previous thoughts, feelings, and actions that are inconsistent with your new and compelling vision so that you may easily and quickly transcend them.

You are patient and focused because you are aware of the law of gestation; you do not know precisely the gestation period of your new vision, so you never hack up the roots. The inevitable ups and downs will be modulated by your knowledge of the law of rhythm. You will set a new causal chain of events in motion that you consciously and deliberately created. Your success will be gauged by you through the law of relativity. You will not compare, but you will develop an internal frame of reference for your success designed by you.

This is the great advancing story of life and humanity. What we have achieved is amazing, and what is possible is exciting. There is no end in sight. You can create and recreate your life. You are a conscious and deliberate creation center that can transmute any compelling new idea into a physical reality. As the process of creation accelerates, you must be aware of these laws and what governs them.  Make sure The Law of Accelerating Expansion™ is controlling your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and the seven physical laws will always work in your favor. You are an integral part of the great creative story of life.

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