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The Ultimate Wellness Retreat

by Dr. Steven Cangiano

The Ultimate Wellness Retreat

Balance for Life Retreats is the ultimate package of beachfront hotel luxury and healthy lifestyle. Founder Harold Lebovic is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who is banking on an old-school approach to health taking us into the future. Fasting is coming out of the shadows and gaining tremendous credibility in the healthy longevity and medical industry. An intervention relegated to religious ritual has now been proven to be a safe and effective intervention for restoring and maintaining health.

Harold’s secret weapon is his medical director Dr. Frank Sabatino. He is as qualified as he is engaging. I had the opportunity to meet with and interview Frank this summer. His background is impressive, even in a world where everyone is an expert. He has forty years’ experience in the vegan health and water fasting world. He relates dozens of stories of how his interventions have dramatically transformed people’s lives. By many accounts, he is the most respected individual in the industry. Having recently developed a fascination with the overwhelmingly positive effects of fasting – I told Dr. Frank – I predict you will become an overnight success after 40 years of hard work. His lectures are informative, engaging, and even entertaining.

While water fasting is an option, the concept is based on a healthy, invigorating and relaxing vacation. The absolute threshold that Balance for Life will not cross is “NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS.” An interview with Harold informed me that 56 billion land animals are slaughtered for food yearly. You can feel the emotion and commitment as Harold describes this humanitarian, environmental, and health disaster.

The ultimate question is: Do they deliver on their promise? The answer is an unequivocal yes. The food is great. The environment is amazing. The activities are fun. As a person not opposed to a margarita on the beach in a cabana, after a day or two just the cabana sufficed. Harold, Dr. Frank, and their helpful staff are committed to excellence; it is obvious in everything they do. The experience is amazing. After a few days at the resort, I found myself feeling great and really routing for their bold, beautiful vision. Ultimately, only time will tell if Harold’s big bet and Frank’s experience and commitment will pay off. But as for now, they have garnered some motivated fans at Humanity Upgrade.

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