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Maximum Workouts Made Easy

MaxPAC Review
by Dr. Steven Cangiano

Maximum Workouts Made Easy

Does this new innovative fitness tool work?  Checkout out Andrea Hammer”s MaxPAC®

Andrea Hammer certainly walks the talk. She has multiple certifications in the fitness and nutrition field. If you have the opportunity to meet her, you will see for yourself that she looks and acts the part. A bundle of positive energy, very engaging and extremely fit. When I met her, she was promoting her new strength training fitness product the MaxPAC. MaxPAC stands for Maximum Power And Core. Having spent many years in the gym, I had never seen anything like it. With my background in foot surgery, I knew she had a winner, as dropped weights in the gym are a common emergency which kept my podiatric surgery residents busy in the ER. The MaxPAC alleviates that serious problem.

Andrea explains; most machines run on a linear track and do not require much balance or mindful movement. Most handheld equipment does not fully utilize the power of your grip. Dumbbells are a safety hazard even when used correctly and can cause extraneous and haphazard momentum. Kettlebells are equally dangerous with a high propensity for wrist, arm and knee injuries. This was why Andrea decided to create her own solution: a safer, more effective alternative to dangerous metal gym equipment- that was comfortable to hold and engaged multiple muscle immediately, starting with your grip!

When I first saw and felt the product, I could tell it was high quality. Initially, I didn’t fully understand the advantages, however, after working out with them, I could clearly FEEL the difference! The design forces you to engage all your muscles. Andrea claims: “The instability of The MaxPAC forces your body to create stability within YOU! The MaxPAC shifts in every direction you move; therefore, the weight distribution requires more strength, balance and muscle stabilization throughout the body. Another advantage, is that because of the soft pliable material, there is much less risk of injury if you dropped it on your foot or bumped yourself in the head

Andrea has a great list of training videos showing you how to maximize your Muscle and Core Strength, Balance, Stability and Cardio Ability with The MaxPAC. She guarantees that this fitness training implement will help you have a much more effective workout, in less time with greater muscular results.  With daily use, everyone can have a Leaner, Stronger, Healthier Body!

The MaxPAC is an exceptional piece of exercise equipment. It’s safety and structure are the cornerstone of its design.
Humanity Upgrade wholeheartedly recommends this strength training product.

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