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Do You Suffer From Low Testosterone?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Might be the Solution to Your Problems
by Dr. Lisbeth Roy, D.O.

Do You Suffer From Low Testosterone?

Just about everyone is searching for a way to feel and look younger. Testosterone replacement therapy just might be the answer. This therapy has helped countless men feel youthful and more vigorous during the aging process.  Ask those who have tried testosterone therapy about the results, and you will find many people claim it is the fountain of youth. Here is a look at testosterone and why older men should consider replacement therapy.

The Basics of Testosterone

A man’s testicles are the primary source of his testosterone. Testosterone helps men maintain their sex drive, production of sperm, bone density, muscle strength, red blood cell production and body hair. Testosterone levels peak in the early adult years and subsequently decrease about one percent each year after men hit 30-40 years of age. Medical professionals are tasked with determining whether the decline in a patient’s testosterone is the result of the normal aging process or if it is the result of a disease known as hypogonadism. This disease stops the body from generating normal testosterone levels due to an issue with the pituitary gland or testicles.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement has a variety of application forms including injections, gels, patches or pellets. This form of therapy really does improve testosterone levels, helping men feel more energetic and aroused. While the gradual reduction in testosterone does not necessarily spur the symptoms of aging, some such symptoms will occur after testosterone levels decline.  Such signs include alterations in sexual function, emotional changes, altered sleep and physical changes. Examples of physical changes resulting from low testosterone include an increase in body fat, lower bone density and diminished strength.  Some men even experience tender or swollen breasts and/or hair loss. A blood test is the only means to diagnose low testosterone.

Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Really Work?

It appears as though testosterone replacement therapy benefits older men as well as those suffering from hypogonadism.  This therapy reverses the effects of hypogonadism. Ask those who have tried testosterone replacement therapy about its merits and you will find it has helped them feel that much more vigorous and younger throughout the aging process. However, few studies have analyzed whether testosterone replacement therapy is beneficial for men who already have a healthy level of testosterone.

If your sex drive has taken a nosedive, you have little to lose and just about everything to gain by trying testosterone replacement therapy.  Ample testosterone is required to activate the androgen receptors in the portion of the brain that affects sexual desire. Insufficient testosterone will reduce your desire and possibly even your ability to have enjoyable sex. Testosterone replacement also provides the added benefit of improving the quality of erections.  If you find it difficult to get/maintain an erection or enjoy the quality of erection you had earlier in life, it is time to try this breakthrough therapy.

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